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That's probably the term that distinguishes us most. Over the years the tools of our work have changed: in one entrepreneurial generation we have passed from the manual instrument to the laser and the numbers of our creations have increased, but in the end, in our way of working, the art of manufacturing has not changed.

We strongly believe in the "territory" component, which is above represented by handing down from generation to generation the experience of certain jobs, the creative and manual ability, but also the love for innovation and research.

"Only the experience of our craftsmen allows us to make the best use of the most modern technologies".

this system we have the latest generation plants, such as the most modern Laser Cutting machines.

This makes Tre Elle Industrial production constantly at the top of technological innovation.


Tre Elle is able to design and manufacture any object or metal structure required from the Company.

The technical department, supported by extensive experience and CAD/CAM software, is able to offer an excellent service in terms of quality. The company is constantly growing, especially thanks to the cutting-edge technological innovation and the continuous updating and consolidation of its technical experience.

Today the company operates within its 3,200 square meters, with 40 employees.

CNC Cutting Processing.

Our Laser Cutting Department features only the latest generation of equipment, fully automated and controlled by dedicated software. In particular, the presence of a cutting machine equipped with fiber optic laser, allows TRE ELLE not only an excellent performance in terms of speed of execution and energy saving, but also and above all a perfect modulation of the cutting power based on the materials treated and the possibility to work with materials such as COPPER, BRASS and TITANIUM.

This makes it possible to achieve for our clients a greater degree of efficiency in terms of time and a high-quality finish of the processed pieces.


Amada 4000W Laser System

  • Carbon steel cutting up to 22mm with Cooling Cut cooling
  • Stainless steel cutting up to 155mm
  • Aluminum cutting up to 10 mm

FINN-POWER Punching System

TEG MAG Automatic Warehouse Plant

  • Capacity 60 Sheet metal boxes

Amada 2000W-FIBRA Laser System

  • Carbon steel cutting up to 15mm
  • Stainless steel cutting up to 10mm
  • Aluminum cutting up to 8mm
  • Brass cutting up to5mm
  • Copper cutting up to5mm
  • Titanium cutting up to5mm

FINN-POWER Combined System

  • Cutting, deep-drawing, countersinking, re-cutting and threading
  • Electric cylinder adjustment
  • High productivity, reliability and flexibility
  • Respect for the environment

Adige Tube Laser System LT8

  • Machinable tubes with diameter from 12 to 220mm and bar weight up to 35kg/m.

  • Equipped with tilting cutting head that allows 3D processing on both open profiles and special sections

AMADA HG ATC has joined the company team.

The machine is a hybrid bending machine equipped with an automatic setting system that allows the tooling of the machining operations in a safe and efficient way and with easy rotation of the operations.

AMADA has in fact developed an ideal solution for variable batch supply requests and complex equipment layouts. The automatic tooling system can load even the most complex bending layout in only 3 minutes.

This gives the customer greater flexibility and a high efficiency in the production time.

The Metrological Laboratory.

The constant control of quality standards makes Tre Elle a leader, both for the measurement methods adopted and applied, and for the high precision instrumentation.

All the processes are carried out with the support of a wide range of instruments such as digital gauges and micrometers. We also offer a calibration service for all the measuring instruments operating in our company.

Manufacturing, assembly and finishing processes.



Zinc Coating




CNC Bending and Calendering.

CNC Bending Machines

  • Colgar bending presses from 45 to 180T up to L/4,20m
  • Accuracy and repeatability of press-folded parts
  • High productivity, reliability and flexibility

Hydraulic Calender

  • Hydraulic calender with 4 rollers MG
  • Piece length mm2050, minimum diameter 150mm
  • Calenderable thickness 4mm


Welding equipment

  • Mig-Tig
  • Brazing
  • Arc welding machines for inserts
  • Condenser discharge welders
  • Tecna 16-25kVA Pointer
  • Tecna 25KvA Pointer with inverter
  • 80kVA Screw Welding Pointer
  • High manufacturing experience