Sc-arti D’Autore.

With the “Sc-Arti d’Autore” project the aim was to enhance waste materials,

and valueless objects, in order to access the idea of new possibilities of communication and creativity. Giving another form to what is no longer beautiful or useful in everyday life and making the object become something else: no longer waste that fills and dirties the surrounding world but a “new object”, because it has new uses and meanings.

The project provided for the subdivision of the collaborators of Tre Elle into seven working groups composed of production operators and administrative staff who created a work of art, a sculpture or a painting about Europe.

“The aims of the project, in addition to creating a sense of belonging between the company and its employees, are to strengthen the unity of the team and create and stimulate a sense of beauty and good workmanship, typical of Italian products, in the workers who work every day in the field to create products with a high functional aesthetic value.”
Mauro Amurri –Daca Vetrina D’Autore Project Manager

“In a career path we ask ourselves many questions, we study and try many strategies, we invest in technology, but the best investment to compete with globalization is to believe in the growth of people.”
Stefano Luzi –Tre Elle Srl CEO – Daca Vetrina D’Autore

The Sc’Arti D’Autore project has as its objective the free expression of the company’s main resource: Human Capital.
Take the opportunity to enhance the creativity, experience and skills of the company’s employees for a common purpose other than production for commercial reasons.
Men and women who every day are confronted with complex work processes, but rigidly bound to external demand, with Sc’Arti D’Autore instead confront with themselves and with other collaborators to create something new, shared, of value for their own self and their work group.

Leaving aside all the Team Building rhetoric, what the project wants to represent is the emerging in every man of the sense of Art both as a moment of personal elevation and as a vehicle for reaching others.


“In considering today what a group of self-taught employees have achieved in the field of artistic production, it is worth rethinking the fact that the binomial on which all the art of the past was based, right up to the cultural revolution promoted by the Avant-garde, that is, the inseparable union between creativity and technique, has found in Fermano a new reason for its existence.”
Stefano Papetti – Professor of Museology and Restoration at the University of Camerino..



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